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Vena Crispy Chicken Breast Sticks
are made from the finest quality chicken breast that we have carefully selected and baked with no added flour and preservatives to get the flavor of the chicken mixed with other ingredients perfectly to maintain the uniqueness of Thai flavors.

Crispy Chicken Breast Sticks 30 g Tom Yum Flavor

  • Ingredients                                                         

    Chicken meat                 92%
    Sugar                                4.2%
    Seasoning powder      3.0%
    Salt                                     0.8%


    May contain Wheat, Soy, and Milk

    Shelf Life

    1  year

    Storage Conditions

    Store in a sealed container, avoid heat, 
    moisture, and direct exposure to sunlight

    Pack Size : 36 pcs. / carton



    • No Flour
    • Non-Fried
    • Low Fat
    • High Protein
    • NO MSG
    • No Baking Powder
    •No Preservative Added


    High standard of processing certified by FDA, ISO, GMP, HACCP, Halal


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