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Thailand Traditional Biscuit


Biscuit Sticks or Khanom Kha Kai snacks are of foreign origin that is italy called Gurissini. It was originally large and colored like a chicken leg, so, Thai people call it Khanom Khai. Later, it was modified to be easier to eat by having a smaller size, but still popularly known as Khanom Kha Kai as before.


Vena Biscuit Sticks are deep-fried and baked to extra crispy. We use the best ingredients and seasonings from local and international sources. The wonderful combination produces incredible taste in every bite.

Biscuit Sticks Original Flavor 60g

SKU: 00005
  • Ingredients                                                         

    Wheat flour  67.65%
    Sugar  15.50%
    Refined palm oil  10.00%
    Seasoning  3.97%
    Salt   1.68%
    Fish Salt  1.20%


    Egg, Coconut Milk, Gluten, Soy
    * No Preservatives Added

    Shelf Life

    24 months from the date of manufacturing

    Storage Conditions

    Store in a sealed container, avoid heat, 
    moisture, and direct exposure to sunlight

    Pack Size : 22 pcs. / carton
    Size : 60 g.


    High standard of processing certified by
    FDA, ISO, GMP, HACCP, Halal                                 
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